How to Make an Ebike Faster?


In the fast-paced world we live in, the need for speed is not restricted to just cars and motorcycles. If you're an avid ebike enthusiast, you might have wondered, "How can I make my ebike faster?" Well, buckle up because we're about to dive into some practical tips that will turbocharge your electric ride.


Tips That Can Make Ebike Faster


1. Upgrade Your Motor: 


The beating heart of your ebike is its motor. Upgrading to a higher wattage motor can significantly enhance your speed. The MOVCAN team recommends considering their advanced motors for that extra kick. With our high-performance motors, you'll feel the surge of power, making your rides not just efficient but exhilarating.


2. Amp Up Your Battery Game:


The key to speed lies in the battery. Opt for a higher voltage battery to give your ebike the energy it craves. MOVCAN’s cutting-edge battery technology ensures a longer-lasting charge, translating to more speed and less time spent recharging. It's a win-win for every speed enthusiast out there.


3. Streamline Your Bike: 


Ever wondered why professional cyclists obsess over aerodynamics? The same principle applies to ebikes. Reduce air resistance by investing in a sleek, aerodynamic design. MOVCAN's design philosophy prioritizes not just aesthetics but also functionality. Our ebikes are crafted with precision, ensuring you cut through the air effortlessly.


4. Fine-Tune Your Gearing System: 


Your bike's gears play a crucial role in dictating its speed. Optimize your gearing system for speed, and you'll notice a tangible difference. MOVCAN’s gear systems are engineered to perfection, providing seamless transitions and optimal speed in any terrain.


5. Embrace Lightweight Components: 


The weight of your ebike can directly impact its speed. Lighter bikes are more nimble and faster. Consider swapping out heavy components for lighter alternatives. MOVCAN's commitment to using lightweight yet durable materials ensures that every ride feels effortless.




In the quest to make your ebike faster, every upgrade matters. From a high-performance motor to an advanced battery system, MOVCAN has you covered. As a brand deeply invested in the ebike community, we understand the need for speed and innovation. Join us in the fast lane, where every ride is a thrilling adventure.

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