Competitor Comparison: Sinch.2 vs Lectric XP 3.0

Rex 2023-10-07

The Sinch.2 is a perfect balance between personal cadence and electric bike, rugged streets and off-road. Its foldable frame offers the opportunity to find all forms of adventure, and it fits just about any lifestyle.

It’s accessibility to any kind of ride and rider makes it our most versatile ebike. Take it with you on road trips, ride it to work or on local trails. Unfold, slip into the saddle, and let the fun begin.

When comparing collapsable, compactible, and fully functional ebikes, it’s best to place them tire-to-tire and see which one provides more biking for your buck. Aventon’s Sinch.2 is feature-rich, and made with quality components that can take on the best of them, including Lectric’s XP 3.0.

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